10 Years after Janet Jackson Super Bowl Performance

janet jackson at 2004 super Bowl

It has been ten years since the single most talked about Super Bowl performance in history aired on CBS television network.  The Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson performance over shadowed the winners of the Super Bowl in 2004!

Who were the winners?…..???

Super Bowl Sunday is really about the fireworks, ads, and drama, surrounding the actual game. Whether it’s and controversial commercial, half-time show antics or some post-game dissing, footballs’s biggest night has always been full of DRAMA. 

You don’t have to like football to like the Super Bowl. That’s because any given year, the lights can go out, or someone’s nipple can pop out, or a certain quarterback’s wife can spew out a post-game rant. Without further ado, here are the Super Bowl moments from over the years that really stand out.