14 Shot in 15 hours In Chicago

crime scene do not cross
Crime scene do not cross in Chicago 


The people of Chicago continue to deal with overwhelming violence. In a span of 15 hours, 14 people were shot as the week got off to another brutal start.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the shootings began on the evening of Sept. 28 and continued through the morning of Sept. 29. One shooting that has captured the attention of prominent officials in the city occurred in the Back of the Yards neighborhood.

A pregnant woman, Patricia Chew, was returning home from an outing with her family when gunfire erupted. Chew, 23, and her mother, 46, were killed, and the woman’s 11 month-old son was shot in the hip. The baby will likely survive. Two 25-year-old men were also shot, but they are also expected to make a full recovery.

Several hours later, three people were killed and two others were wounded near Fuller Park. The violent start to the week was a continuation of what occurred in Chicago during the weekend. Over 50 people were shot and four were fatally wounded from Friday until Sunday. It was the second time in as many weeks that 50 people were shot in the city.

Chicago is a city that suffers from poverty, poor education, high unemployment rates for Blacks, and gang violence. It’s a recipe for disaster and the elected officials in the city aren’t doing enough to combat crime by offering greater opportunities.

Chicago’s violence is also a national issue that must be addressed by Black Lives Matter and during the upcoming anniversary of the Million Man March. It’s important to combat racial violence, but there must also be an answer for the increase of Black on Black crime.

Source AR Shaw: Rolling Out