Scandal’s Columbus Short not Returning to Show


It’s official that Columbus Short has been release from the hottest show in prime time television. It is no surprise that Short would have been released in the season 3 finale, which aired last week to record ratings. Harrison’s future was left unknown, as reinstated B613 head Rowan (Joe Morton) and his Secret Service henchman held him at gunpoint in the final minutes.

Short released this statement via a publicist:

“At this time I must confirm my exit from a show I’ve called home for 3 years, with what is the most talented ensemble on television today. I would like to first thank [creator] Shonda Rhimes for the opportunity to work with such an amazing cast. Thank you GLADIATORS, who have supported me throughout my entire career and of course to ABC and Shondaland for allowing me to play such a pivotal role in the Scandal series. I have enjoyed every single minute of it. Everything must come to an end and unfortunately the time has come for Harrison Wright to exit the canvas. I wish nothing but the best for Shonda, Kerry and the rest of the cast, who have become like a second family to me in such a short amount of time. For this, I will forever be grateful.”

Pharrell’s Marilyn Monroe Single Cover Backlash


Earlier this year, Pharrell Wiliams caused an uproar after he released his G I R L album cover art, and was first blasted for not featuring a black girl on his cover, and later racism  when it was revealed that there was a black girl featured, but she was of a light complexion. Pharrell has faced backlash since making the “new black” statement during an interview with Oprah on her OWN Network.

Many blacks were upset with Pharrell’s assessment of how racism is perceived within the black community. The statement was made after Oprah questioned Pharrell’s use of white women and a mixed woman on the cover art for his latest album, Girl.

In an attempt to show that women of all shades are beautiful, Pharrell used a brown-skinned black woman for the cover art for his latest single, “Marilyn Monroe.”

His recent release on April 22, promoted several individuals on social media to blast Pharrell for using a black woman for the cover art. Some were upset because Marilyn Monroe was not the best role model and others were upset by the race factor.



Jada Pinkett Smith CNN Documentary on Child Trafficking


Atlanta Georgia: Actress Jada Pinkett Smith joins the list of celebrities such as Jasmine Guy, who are advocates against child trafficking.  Jada is currently shooting a documentary for CNN, in Atlanta, Georgia.  Her post on facebook about her first day shooting has created much social media buzz. She attended Well Spring , where she met three dynamic woman. This encounter opened Jada’s  eyes on persecution.

Her encounter with one young lady who’s gateway to trafficking was a stripping. Atlanta , Georgia is infamous for it’s strip club culture, often glorified in hip-hop music videos. The young lady shared that she wanted to be an independent woman, much like the girls in the music videos and songs.

“That’s the messaging that could get a young girl caught up in a situation that she can’t get out of”-Jada Pinkett Smith  

The sex trafficking industry is a 12 billion dollar industry. The average age of a girl sold into the sex trade industry is 12 years old.

“When we were coming up, stripping was the bottom” – Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada shared that she missed the messaging that young women were perceived independent and bold, by stripping for a living. In her  generation, stripping was not glorified and often look at as the bottom, often associated with drugs and other dysfunctional behavior.

Madd Factor: This is a major problem in the travel and sports industries, throughout the world. I commend all those who are supporting the efforts of Well spring and bringing to the forefront this social issue.

Jay Z Targeted by Extortionist Over Old Records


According to TMZ, hip-hop superstar Jay Z was targeted in an alleged mult-million dollar extortion plot by a former producer named Chauncey Mahan. Reportedly, Mahan contacted Live Nation last week and claimed he had master recordings from Jay Z and his associates from 1998 through 2002 — recordings that were allegedly assumed to be lost. According to reports, the recordings held an estimated value between $15 million and $20 million. Mahan told Live Nation he had the masters in a Northridge, Calif., storage facility. Jay Z has a partnership with Live Nation.

Mahan reportedly said that he planned to auction the tapes or let Live Nation have them for a $100,000 “storage fee.” The LAPD apprehended Mahan when the producer went to meet with someone supposedly representing Jay Z this past Friday. He was detained, brought in for questioning and the LAPD seized the recordings. A judge will determine ownership. Jay Z’s representatives have filed a grand larceny complaint with the NYPD. The LAPD is also investigating further into the extortion allegations.

Upon hearing about the plot, famed producer Just Blaze tweeted about Chauncey Mahan’s history with Jay Z and Roc-A-Fella Records.

“Chauncey stayed effing up. Big part of the reason Hip and I brought in Guru,” Blaze tweeted. “Ill never forget the day Chaunce stepped to Duro wanting to fight lol. This guy ruined every tape transfer for the Dynasty Album. Duro calls him out on it. He runs over to Soundtrack studios, comes in the room like ‘yo Duro I ain’t no b—-’ takes his jacket off. Me and Duro just looked at him. Blankest of stares.. And went back to work.”

Just Blaze revealed that several mistakes in the mixes on Roc-A-Fella tracks from the early 2000s were Mahan’s fault.

Lisa Nicole Cloud Married to Medicine Launch

Lisa Nociole Cloud Married to Medicine
Cast of Married to Medicine and Lisa Nicole Cloud(Black dress)

 Bravo TV hit reality show “Married to Medicine”  has welcome a  newcomer Lisa Nicole Cloud, who welcome a vast crowd at the upscale 12 Hotel in Atlanta, on Friday night. The charming and delightful  Cloud, shared her professional demenor to all guests throughout the viewing of her upcoming episode. 

The multifaceted, multimillionaire businesswoman, who runs a massive fashion and sales empire, held nothing back from her guests. The event was managed and executed with much professional details.  Cloud unveil herself on the popular Bravo TV show with a glamorous celebration. The 12 hotel ballroom, completely cloaked in turquoise and alabaster, was the embodiment of sophistication and refinement that Cloud and the women of “Married to Medicine” personify.

Lisa Nicole Cloud
Lisa Nicole Cloud

Cloud and her husband, Dr. Darren Naugles, were joined by her lovely children and “Married to Medicine” Season 2 cast Quad Webb-Lunceford, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Toya Bush-Harris, Dr. Jacqueline Walters, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Fashion Designer Reco Chapple — and even Kari Wells from season 1.

Source and Photo Credit: Rolling Out


Idris Elba Has a New Baby Boy


Radar Online confirms that  Hollywood leading man Idris Elba is a new dad. He  shared great news on Twitter, revealing that he and girlfriend Naiyana Garth welcomed a bundle of joy into the world.

“My Son Winston Elba was born yesterday..Truly Amazing,” wrote the Luther star and 2012 Golden Globes winner.

Born on Thursday, April 17, Winston Elba (how sweet is it that his name just rolls off the tongue?) is the couples’ first child together, and Idris Elba’s second.

We can’t help but be ecstatic at the news, especially after the actor’s sad revelation to GQ magazine that the child he believed he fathered with ex girlfriend Desiree Newberry in 2010 was not his, commenting on his short-lived joy: “The celebration of having a son from a man’s perspective, it’s massive.”


Vogue Sued over Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Photo Shoot

Kanye and Kim gives birth


Former child star, singer Ricky Spicer, has filed a lawsuit against the magazine over music featured in a behind-the-scenes video for the recent Kanye West and Kim Kardashian  photo shoot. Spicer was the pre-teen lead singer of a soul group called The Ponderosa Twins Plus One, a Jackson 5-esque ’70s act. Kanye’s single “Bound 2″ samples Spicer’s voice and was the background music for the behind-the-scenes video.

According to the New York Post, the lawsuit states that “Mr. Spicer’s voice is used substantially throughout the video, comprising approximately 44 per cent of the lyrics.” The suit was filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, and Spicer says that he can be heard five times in the video.

Ricky Spicer is suing Vogue publisher Condé Nast Entertainment. Condé Nast did not get Spicer’s permission to use his voice. Spicer is asking for unspecified damages.

Spicer previously filed a lawsuit this past December against West for the sample. VOGUErepresentatives have refused to address the suit publicly.

“We don’t comment on pending litigation,” said Joe Libonati, vice president of corporate communications for Conde Nast.

Rolling Out

Mimi Faust Hosts Sex Tape Launch Party after getting Six Figure Deal

Miami Faust Sex Tape Launch
Miami Faust Sex Tape Launch
Mimi Faust and Nikko: Picture by Apex Atlanta

Mimi Faust looks shameless and happy as a housewife in Beverley Hills. The desperate reality star has offered no apologies for marketing her sex tape to the world.  Last night the bold face Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta star with boyfriend Nikko celebrated with a launch event at Aurum Night Club in Midtown Atlanta.

Nikki Looks AShame: Pic:Apex atlanta
Nikk0 Upset from Publicity: Pic:Apex atlanta

 Nikko had the self-respect to look humiliated and embarrassed like he didn’t want to be there. It seems that this is not what he signed up for at the beginning! There goes the political career.

Mimi, on the other hand, was ecstatic that she’s finally getting the attention her mother didn’t give her when she was a child. Mimi obviously thinks she’s on Kim Kardashian‘s level now. -Sandra rose

According to, sources claim that Faust is releasing the sex tape to increase her fame.

“Have you ever heard of Mimi Faust before her porn dropped? Exactly!” the source asked. “Mimi is trying to make a name for herself and become relevant. She’s riding this new wave of fame until it ends.”

And according to the source, Faust earned a somewhat sizable check from porn company Vivid Entertainment out of the deal.

“She did it for the money and from what I’m hearing, she cashed in about 100 racks,” the source added.

Vivid Entertainment founder Steve Hirsch also spoke with the site and explained how he got his hands on the sex tape.

“We were approached by a third party to release the tape. I wasn’t familiar with Mimi and Nikko or ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.’ After doing some research, I realized just how big both the show and the tape could be. It was a struggle to ultimately get the deal done but we did. And this tape will be huge. Massive!” Hirsch said.

And when asked if he thought Faust’s sex tape would be bigger than “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abrahamson’s sex tape, Hirsch replied, “Early indications are that this will be a huge blockbuster. Sky’s the limit.”

If that’s the case, and the $100,000 deal is real, we wonder why Faust would sign off for such a low price, especially considering the buzz surrounding the tape thus far. $100,000 seems like a low price considering how tarnished her image is now.

Source: Rolling Out

When a Hookup Goes Wrong! BET wins over B Scott


It seems that BET has won the case,brought forth by blogger B Scott. It was apparent that B Scott was given a unique opportunity to be a style correspondent  for the BET Awards  Red Carpet in June of 2013.  Although, guidelines of the dress code was not relayed to BScott, BET who has a large Christian following on Sunday’s, removed him of the set and simply asked him to change his attire, to a more conservative suit.   Hence, the moment when all the drama began about race and gender came into to play, although BET was giving him a unique opportunity in front of millions of viewers.

 Scott has claimed that his original outfit, a flowing tunic, flowing hair, heels and makeup, were all approved by BET in advance. However, after appearing in only one segment of the show, BET pulled Scott from the air and forced him to change to a more masculine outfit.

After filing a lawsuit against the network back in August, things seemed to be moving in Scott’s favor when emails from BET’s president, Stephen Hill, and his staff showed them making disparaging remarks about Scott’s appearance and even trying to cover up the scandal by making him the villain.

But according to TMZ, a judge recently ruled in BET’s favor and dismissed Scott’s lawsuit. The judge ruled that BET has the First Amendment right to control their shows, including the appearance of their hosts, as they see fit.

“It disheartens me that the message sent today wasn’t a message of acceptance, but rather it’s acceptable to discriminate against transgender individuals on the basis of their gender identity and expression,” Scott told TMZ.

Despite the loss in court, B. Scott’s lawyer plans to appeal the case.

MADD FACTOR: Although BET handled the situation, in a less than professional manner with the back and forth emails. It is clear the judge saw what I saw at the event. BScott change of clothing was effective, professional, and reflected the tone of the show. It is a BET production, not BScott production, hence the verdict.  WARNING:BET be very careful who you’ll hire! 

Source: Nicholas robinson

Remy Martin Celebrates the Good Life in Miami

Peter Bailey (Nitecap)and guests at Miami Remy Party
Peter Bailey (Nitecap)and guests at Miami Remy Party

Miami truly brings the Heat, not only in sports, but for memorable events. Peter Bailey and other celbrities were out last night as Satonya Baker and the Remy Martin V team put on the event of the Season. Aboard the 220ft Seafair Mega Yacht a Litany of Miami’s Elite Embarked on a 2 Hour Journey around the Magic City. The strategic marketing effort, can only be accomplish in Miami, due to its landscape and port of call for many Caribbean cruises, throughout the year.


The drinks were flowing, the dancing was abound and the women were no short of spectacular. Remy V out did themselves with the Three Designer cocktails they rolled out which was headlined by the Remy V.I.P. a smooth mix of Remy topped off with pineapple. The signature branding made the event a stylish and epic experience for all invited guests.


This event is the essence of what it means to be a “Taste Maker”, and sets Miami Urban Culture on a new status, much like Atlanta, New York and LA.


Cheers to this successful event: CLICK HERE TO SEE GALLERY

Photos:305 access


Tiny Reveals New Reality Project with Dwight Eubanks

Dwight Eubanks and Tiny

On Monday, April 14, 2014, a plethora of media & press outlets gathered at the W Hotel in Buckhead, GA for the official Announcement of the NEW TV Series “The Real Hair Stylists of Atlanta” with Executive Producers Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Shante Traynham (Creator), Mimi Carpenter and hosted by Atlanta’s own Dwight Eubanks.


During the press conference, each Executive Producer was asked a series of questions relating to the overall TV series franchise (Which is expanding to New York, Los Angeles, and Miami), cast members (Which includes Nicki Minaj’s Wig Master Terrence Davidson and Razor Chick Jazmine Collins) and how this show will be different from the other hair shows already airing.

Tiny new reality hairstylist show Host Dwight Eubanks on the History of Hair

The show is currently in a severe bidding war with several TV Networks and a final network announcement with all official cast members will be released shortly.


Jay Z and Beyonce is Touring this Summer


This summer is expected to be one of the hottest summer’s in years. It will even be more intense with the latest summer concert announcement. The much anticipated tour of Jay z and Beyonce, is now official as news sources share their upcoming dates. Sources exclusively tell Page Six that hip hop’s royal couple plans to announce a 20-stadium US tour that will start in late June — and that it’s possible the couple could perform in New York on July 4.

Celebrities Attend The New Jersey Nets v New York Knicks Game - February 20, 2012

The two recently wrapped individual tours that supported their latest albums: Jay closed out 52 dates for his “Magna Carta… Holy Grail” in January, while Bey wrapped her “Mrs. Carter Show” tour in March.


Hollywood Invades the Bahamas

Bahamas Will Packer 40th birth day


The islands of the Bahamas was invaded by Hollywood this past weekend. Hollywood Producer Will Packer celebrated his 40th Birthday in style,  especially Caribbean Style.  The successful filmmaker of recent box office hits such as Ride Along and Think Like Man, partied with a variety of stars in Nassau, Bahamas April 11-13, 2014 in epic fashion. The Bahamas has successfully marketed to multicultural  consumers, through strategic partnerships with their Consul General and Tourism liaisons in Atlanta, Georgia. This weekend, their efforts to welcome new film projects to the region, made national news.




Packer  was joined by his fiancée Heather Hayslett, he hosted nearly 200 of his family and friends including Kevin Hart, Taraji P. Henson, La La Anthony, Michael Ealy, Angie Martinez, Tika Sumpter, DJ Drama, Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker, David Banner, Affion Crockett, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, BET President Stephen G. Hill, E! News Anchor Terrence J, Directors Tim Story (Ride Along, Think Like A Man), Jeremy Garelick (The Wedding Ringer) and Rob Hardy (Criminal Minds, Bones), Magazine execs Vanessa Bush (Editor In Chief, Essence magazine) and Mitzi Miller (Editor In Chief, Jet magazine), Angie Beyince, Jerome Bettis, Nephew Tommy, Po Johnson, Oronde Garrett, Terri Vaughn & Karon Riley, The Honorable Terrinee L. Gundy and Will Packer Productions executives Barbara Dreyfuss and Korin D. Huggins.

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No More Selfies Allowed at White House


There will be be no more cellphone selflies with President Barack Obama, thanks to Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz. Obama invited Ortiz and his Red Sox teammates to the White House last week to celebrate their World Series win.

Obama obliged Ortiz’s request to pose for a ‘Selfie’ taken with Ortiz’s self phone. Such selfies are normally uploaded to social media websites including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

But Ortiz’s photo op with the president was actually part of a pre-arranged deal between Ortiz and Samsung to promote the cell phone company’s phones.

Ortiz signed his endorsement deal with Samsung 2 months ago. After the Red Sox slugger tweeted the photo, Samsung retweeted the image to its 5 million followers.

During an appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation, White House senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer said Obama was not aware of Ortiz’s deal with Samsung.

“Well, he obviously didn’t know anything about Samsung’s connection to this,” he said. “And perhaps maybe this will be the end of all selfies.”

He added: “We’ve had conversations with Samsung about this and expressed our concerns.”

 White House press secretary Jay Carney did not mince his words.

“As a rule, the White House objects to attempts to use the president’s likeness for commercial purposes,” Carney said. “And we certainly object in this case.”

In his defense, Ortiz claims the selfie was “spontaneous” and not part of his lucrative deal with Samsung.


Tourists Stabs Local While On Vacation


The St. Lucian times reports: A local taxi driver had to be rushed to hospital this morning after being stabbed by a tourist, eyewitnesses have reported.

According to the eyewitnesses, the visitor and his girlfriend were being transported from Marigot to a hotel in the North of the Island, when the unprovoked  attack took place near the Cul de Sac junction.

One eyewitness who came to the assistance of the wounded taxi driver told the Times the injured man reported that the male visitor was very cordial upon entering the vehicle, but later pulled out a knife and started stabbing him from behind.

The injured man was identified as Moses Bertram, who the President of the Marigot Bay Taxi Association Anthony Griffith told the Times has been a taxi driver for the past twenty years.

“I feel terrible because he told me this guy was so nice, and to see how he suddenly attacked,” Griffith said.

According to him, Bertram was stabbed in the chin, shoulder and hand.

Eyewitnesses said there was blood everywhere.

They also said they suspect that the visitor was “psychologically challenged.”

It was not immediately clear what became of the attacker.

See more at: St Lucian Times 

Reggae Artist Vybz Kartel Sentencing Delayed


The sentencing of entertainer Vybz Kartel and his co-accused Shawn Campbell, Kahira Jones and Andre St John has been delayed until Thursday April 3. In court on Thursday morning, the Judge Justice Lennox Campbell asked the defense team provide some pertinent information before going ahead with handing down the sentences.

Vybz Karttel

On March 13, Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, fellow entertainer Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Kahira Jones and Andre St John were convicted for the August 16, 2011 murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

The sentencing will be the final stage of  the record 65 day trial, which lasted for roughly five months.

Under Jamaican law, the penalty for murder is death, but since 1992 no convicted murderer has been executed, despite calls from the populace for the penalty to be utilised and a majority vote by legislators in Parliament in November 2008 in favour of retaining the penalty.

Meanwhile, Kartel faces more legal challenges, as he is scheduled to stand trial in  court on August 11, for attempting to pervert the course of  justice.

He’s charged jointly with entertainers, Vanessa Saddler otherwise called “Gaza Slim” and Andre Henry otherwise called “Pim Pim”.

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Rolling Out Hosts Female Success Factor

rolling Out media,steed media
rolling Out media,steed media
Munson Steed, Michele Thornton, Stacii Jae Johnson, Christina Steed, Saptosa Foster and Aniesia Williams

On Saturday, March 29, 2014, rolling out presented its spring Female Success Factor seminar. This year’s theme, Social and Digital Mastermind Series, highlighted the journeys of the panelists whose careers span from cable TV sales and PR to journalism and Hollywood. This season’s panelists included Michele Thornton, VP of Ad Sales for Centric TV; Saptosa Foster, managing partner of 135th Street Agency, an experiential marketing and strategic communications with offices in New York and Atlanta; Stacii Jae Johnson, a political and entertainment leader, entrepreneur and the newest recruit to Atlanta’s V-103 FM’s lineup of radio personalities; and Aniesia Williams, brand executive and CEO of GOTO Ladies, a marketing, strategic brand management and event activation agency.

As part of National Women’s History Month, this event was designed to connect women of varying backgrounds and provide a platform for women to engage, innovate, be inspired, cultivate ideas, brainstorm and a build a community of influence with other professional women.

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