Arkansas College Student Expelled Black Face Costume

Brock Denton

University of Central Arkansas student, Brock Denton, has been expelled — and his fraternity chapter is now suspended — after he posted a photo on Instagram showing himself in blackface dressed as Bill Cosby.

In recent years, students on various college campuses have been expelled due to racist activities, especially during Halloween.

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Is America’s New Terrorist Threat Wrapped in Blue?

America's New Terrorists

America's New Terrorist Threat

Nearly a thousand times this year, an American police officer has shot and killed a civilian. Whereas U.K. police have only shot and killed 51 people over the 95 years. In 2013, only six bullets were fired in total by police in Finland and in Iceland, and only one fatal police shooting has to be recorded in the 71 years of the country’s existence.

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Racists React to Jesse Williams #BETAwards Simulcast Speech on Viacom

BET Awards Jessie Williams
BET Awards Jessie Williams
Jesse Williams acceptance speech for the Humanitarian Award at the 2016 BET Awards,  has garnered a lot of support, especially from the black community. His comments were even more impactful this year, due to the simulcast of the 2016 BET Awards on Viacom Stations such as VH1, Spike TV, and Teen Nickelodeon.

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Woman Arrested for Pulling Gun on Black Man

A woman aimed a gun at a Black man for simply asking a question. According to Nashville 5, Sherry McLain was leaving a Wal-Mart in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, when the incident occurred.

McLain, 67, was approached by a Black man who asked her for a cigarette lighter. Without answering the man, McLain grabbed her gun and aimed at him. As the man ran away, McLain shouted, “I’m going to shoot you, I’m going to kill you,“ according to witnesses. Several kids who were with their parents were also near the scene.

The man was able to find safety inside the store and called 911. When police arrived, McLain told authorities that she feared for her life. However, police were able to check a surveillance tape and discovered that the man had just purchased a box of cigarettes and was at least 10 feet from McLain when he asked for a lighter.

McLain’s unwarranted fear of Black people could have led to the killing of an innocent person. But it’s the same misguided fear that has caused poorly trained police officers to shoot and kill unarmed Black men. Whenever prejudices can provoke fear, it becomes dangerous when the person who lacks proper reasoning has the power to take a life.

The police eventually arrested McLain and charged her with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.

Source: Rolling out AR Shaw

WalMart Bakes Man ISIS Cake


Wal-Mart may have taken the Confederate Flag boycott, absolutely too far. Wal Mart has recently  apologized to a Louisiana man for baking him an ISIS cake after refusing his request for a Confederate flag cake.

Chuck Netzhammer placed an order for a cake printed with an image of the Confederate flag at his local Slidell Wal-Mart, just one week after white supremacist Dylann Roof went on a rampage at a South Carolina church, killing nine.

Netzhammer requested the words “Heritage not hate” to be printed on the Confederate flag. But Wal-Mart refused Netzhammer’s order to bake the Confederate flag cake.

The next day, Netzhammer went back and placed an order for a cake with the familiar black & white ISIS flag printed on it.

Netzhammer was shocked when Wal-Mart completed his order for the ISIS cake.

Wal-Mart’s corporate office has since apologized to Netzhammer, saying the Wal-Mart staff in Slidell “didn’t recognize the image.”

Netzhammer posted a YouTube video explaining what happened when he placed the order for the Confederate cake. He said the Wal-Mart bakery refused the order, writing “cannot do cake” on the order form.

“Alright, Wal-Mart, you’ve got some explaining to do,” said Netzhammer as he held up a full size Confederate flag in the YouTube video.

Wal-Mart spokesman Randy Hargrove told The Daily Caller that the store “made a mistake” by filling Netzhammer’s order for the ISIS cake.

“The cake in the video should not have been made and we apologize,” said Hargrove.

Hargrove told the Daily Caller “We made the decision to stop selling Confederate flag related items promoting the flag’s image. For that reason we did not make the cake. [Netzhammer] brought in the other image of ISIS and really, what happened, was our associate didn’t recognize what that image was and what it meant or it wouldn’t have been made.”

Wal-Mart pulled all merchandise bearing the Confederate flag from shelves after photos of Roof surfaced showing him displaying the Confederate flag.


Florida Cops Fired Over Racist Texts


A five-month internal investigation on four Florida cops led to three of them being fired, and one of them resigning, according to NBC Miami. The officers reportedly sent a trailer-style video amongst themselves containing a Ku Klux Klan hood, attacks against minorities, derogatory images of President Obama and racist comments about Hispanics and homosexuals.

“I had a wet dream that you two found those n—–s in the VW and gave them the death penalty right there on the spot,” one of the texts reads. Many of their extremely hostile and racially charged conversations can be read at the Sun Sentinel.

According to another text, one of the officers said, “We are coming and drinking all your beer and killing n—–s.”

“There was no criminal behavior detected during this investigation, however, the four officers’ conduct was inexcusable and there is zero tolerance for this kind of behavior in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department,” said Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley.

Source Huffington Post

Marissa Alexander Set Free


News $ Jacksonville reports:  Marissa Alexander, a woman whose case helped bring national attention to Florida’s stand your ground and minimum sentencing laws, was allowed to leave jail late Tuesday afternoon to spend the rest of her sentence on house arrest.

Applause broke out in the courtroom when Judge James Daniel announced he would reject the prosecutors’ request for an additional two-year sentence and was releasing Alexander to community control.

As she left the courthouse, Alexander read a prepared statement:

“Today, after the sentence given by Judge Daniel, my family and I will be able to move on with our lives. Although the journey has been long and there’s been many difficult moments, I could not have arrived here, where I am today, without the thoughts, many thoughts and many prayers of so many people who voiced their support and encouragement. Words can never express my gratitude for those who stood beside me, including my children and family. I am also grateful that Judge Daniel approached this case with such care and diligence.”

In November, Alexander was sentenced to three years in jail after pleading guilty to three felony charges for firing a shot in the direction of her husband a two step-children. She got credit for all the time she was held after her initial arrest and first conviction, which was overturned on appeal. She was ordered to serve 65 days in jail, then two additional years under community control.

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Donald Sterling Finally Sells La Clippers for 2 Billion

Donald Sterling Miami

Donald Sterling Miami

Former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, has sold the NBA team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for a whopping $2 billion.

Balimer outbid former NBA star Grant Hill, who offered $1 billion, and a group of wealthy business people that included Oprah Winfrey.

The sale was completed almost a month to the day after Donald Sterling was heard on an audio tape telling his ex-mistress not to bring black people to his games — especially NBA legend Magic Johnson.

As a result of the backlash, NBA commissioner Adam Silver hit Sterling with a lifetime ban, imposed a $2.5 million fine and ordered Sterling to sell the team.

Sterling’s estranged wife, Rochelle, negotiated the sale of the team.

Is Florida”Stand Your Ground Law” Fair?… and Is it Working?

trayvon martin,michael dunn,george zimemrman
Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin murdered in Florida

Over the past two years, Florida has been in the spot light for it’s shocking verdicts on “Stand Your Ground Law”. Many states have implemented this law, however Florida is the stand out state for its apparent unfair rulings, and jury verdicts on  judicial decisions

Madd News,Teen, Murder
Michael Dunn convicted for 3 counts of attempted murder

The Michael Dunn verdict on Saturday – where the white, 47-year-old software engineer was found guilty on attempted murder charges, but not on a first-degree murder charge for killing a 17-year-old black youth, Jordan Davis of Atlanta – has once again put the issue of armed self-defense firmly in society’s crosshairs.

The hung jury on the main murder charge came seven months after George Zimmerman, a half-Caucasian, half-Hispanic neighborhood watch captain was found not guilty in a murder trial for killing Trayvon Martin, another black 17-year-old who, like, Jordan Davis, was not armed. Social media was outraged with the recent verdict, as a second African american male was not given justice. A recent interview on CNN Anchor Don Lemon with Holly Hughes  shed some light on the comparison in the law…

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In both the Dunn and Zimmerman trial, their  defense lawyers did not invoke Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law in their criminal trials, but his “justifiable use” of deadly force, as defined by state courts,  which likely played a role in the jurors’ decision not to convict on the specific murder charges presented by the prosecution.

This same defense has been utilized in African Americans, which often result in a 25 year sentence. A former U.S. airman is currently sitting in a Florida prison for what his supporters argue was a simple act of self-defense.

In the spring of 2010, 26-year-old Michael Giles was on active duty with the Unites States Air Force and stationed in Tampa. The married father of three had recently finished two tours in the Middle East and was looking forward to a career in the military, says his family. One night in February, a friend invited Giles to party at a Tallahassee nightclub. Shorty after arriving, a fight broke out among members of fraternities from nearby Florida A&M University.

According to court documents, an argument quickly escalated into a brawl involving 30 to 40 young men.

Giles reportedly was not involved in the melee but, separated from his friends, went outside to the car where he had a gun, for which he had a concealed carry permit. Giles put the weapon in his pants pocket and searched the crowd for his friends. Suddenly, he says, someone from the crowd punched him. Knocked to the ground and in fear for his life, Giles says he pulled out the gun and fired one shot into the leg of his alleged attacker.

Three men were injured, wounded by bullet fragments. Giles was immediately arrested and charged with second-degree attempted murder.


Matt Gatez Florida rep
Florida Rep.Matt Gaez – Republican

Raw story reported:Republican Florida state Rep. Matt Gaetz told CNN on Monday that his state’s so-called Stand Your Ground law was working for African-Americans even though he thought it had been wrongly used to find Michael Dunn not guilty of murdering 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

“I don’t think anyone is going to nominate George Zimmerman or Michael Dunn for person of the year,” Gaetz explained to CNN host Carol Costello. “But I think, overall, the Stand Your Ground law has worked for the state of Florida. If you look at the five years preceding Stand Your Ground’s passage, the murder rate was on the rise Florida every year. Since we passed Stand Your Ground, the murder rate had declined every year.”-

Are there other states that have the “Stand the Ground Law”? 

The Huffington Post recently reported about the growing number of states which have implemented the “Stand Your Ground Law”. The law is growing as violence, and home invasion have increased over the past decade.


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George Zimmerman Agrees to Celeb Boxing Match



CAN YOU BELEIVE IT? The moment you have been waiting for the past year and a half, especially Trayvon Martin dad!  Now’s your chance to kick George Zimmerman‘s ass with zero legal repercussions — he just agreed to a celebrity boxing match … and he says he’ll fight ANYONE … even black people.

TMZ reports: Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman threw down the challenge, offering George money to step in the ring.  Now here’s the kicker … the opponent has NOT been selected.

We’re told George is open to fighting a black person, but the promoter is not discriminating, telling us “We’re not looking at it as a race thing … We haven’t discussed purple, yellow, white, black.”

Lately George has been more interested in boxing than guns … regularly training in the ring.

If you’d like to throw your hat in the ring for the March 1 match, email


Magazine Editor Sparks Outrage over Black Woman Chair

Art critics bristled at the fact that this image was posted  during the celebration of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday.


Miroslava Duma, Buro 24/7 website editor-in-chief  sparked outrage by publishing an interview with Garage magazine editor-in-chief Zhukova Dasha. Zhukova is seen posing on a black woman chair by ’60s pop artist Allen Jones. According to, “Jones’ forniphilic chairs were a source of controversy during the height of their popularity in the ’60s, though it’s Buro who have amped up the cringe factor by selecting one of the few pieces that uses a woman of color.”  The photo accompanying the interview shows Zhokova posing on a ‘black woman chair’. Zuma, who posted the image on her Instagram and Facebook pages, defended the photo as a work of art. But some are calling it ‘racist art’.

Duma’s followers on Instagram blasted her for posting the image. She also caught flack on The images were quickly removed.

Dasha is the model girlfriend of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. In April, she gave birth to the couple’s first daughter at New York Presbyterian hospital. For two months, the couple awaited the baby’s birth on board Abramovich’s $500 million, 533-foot yacht docked in the Hudson river.Forbes magazine dubbed the birth “the most expensive baby delivery ever.”