Kim Kardashian And Sisters Launch New Apps


The five sisters—Kim, Khloé, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie—stopped by the SoHo location in New York City to talk about their new lifestyle apps. Fortune’s Leena Rao, moderated the interview.

Kim Kardashian West, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner are now offering fans an even deeper glimpse into their lives by way of new personal media apps and websites, which launched today.

The apps, provided through tech and media company Whalerock Industries, will give paying subscribers access to the girls’ behind-the-scenes videos, tutorials, diaries and tips, and will also enable users to follow their whereabouts, ask them questions and sign up for events and giveaways..

In addition to the apps, the brand-new websites,, and will offer a mix of free and exclusive subscriber content. Kourtney Kardashian’s app and website will be next to come.

Source Variety

Akon Influences Global Change


If you had a million dollars what would you do?

Musician Akon has answered this question 600,000,000 times, by providing electricity for many in his home country. Over the past decade celebrities such and Angelina Jolie, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfey, and many others have supported efforts in Africa. However, providing electricity is a momentous step forward for the growth and development of the continent.  The Senegalese-American singer’s initiative, appropriately called Akon Lighting Africa, aims to supply electricity to 600 million people in Africa who lack it with the launch of the Solar Academy.

The Solar Academy will help African engineers and entrepreneurs develop skills that will enable them to produce solar power.The goal of the academy is to teach people how to maintain solar-powered electricity systems and microgrids.  Both systems have been growing quickly in rural parts of Africa. In a continent that has 320 days of sun a year, roping in its natural resources will be valuable to the solar-energy efforts.

According to a Reuters report, experts will be on hand to help the participants with training and equipment.


“We have the sun and innovative technologies to bring electricity to homes and communities. We now need to consolidate African expertise,” said Samba Baithily, who founded Akon Lighting Africa with Akon and Thione Niang.

“We expect the Africans who graduate from this center to devise new, innovative, technical solutions,” said Niang. “With this academy, we can capitalize on Akon Lighting Africa and go furter.”

The organization also hopes to create jobs with its initiative.This initiative   will impact generations in the country of Africa. Akon has made history through his generous business savvy approach to offering the less fortunate a better way of life.




Ryan Leslie Creates New Music Platform


In the 1990s, an artist could release a single from an album, then the full-length album, then a remix album, then a live version of the album, and expect all of them to sell in record stores. Then the bottom fell out of the record business with the advent of file sharing, downloading and streaming. Now anyone brave enough to get involved in the music industry today must find creative and  innovative ways to stay afloat.

Enter singer-songwriter Ryan Leslie.

With the birth of his new company, Disruptive Multimedia, the “Diamond Girl” singer has found a new way to stay ahead of the game. Designed to allow artists to interact with fans in a personal manner, the platform allows the artist to digitally distribute their music to fans and allows for direct contact via email or even phone. According to Leslie, artists who do exceptionally well on the site can even earn a record deal.

“I’m giving all my top-performing artists the opportunity to earn a $100,000 record deal.I use the data from Disruptive Multimedia to drive my decisions, and your great performance will have earned my confidence in your ability to invest that money wisely,” he says.

Any artists looking to possibly join Disruptive Multimedia should know that it’s not a complete free for all and as easy as logging on and signing up. Leslie has to approve you to join. He has made his phone number available for artists to contact him to gain approval onto the site. Though a bit of a hoop to jump through, Leslie says it’s all worth it in the end.

“The biggest difference is that you get paid right away. When you sell on iTunes, when do you get paid? If you’re on TuneCore, maybe once every 30 days. If you’re going through a record company, you get a statement every 90 days, and then you get paid 90 days after that. If I sell 1,000 CDs on a Monday, I’m up $10,000 in my bank account on a Wednesday. And I know every single one of those thousand people,” says Leslie.

Disruptive Multimedia doesn’t officially launch until July 4, but interested parties can check out the beta version of the site at

2 Dead and Several Injured Over Cell Phone


In a shocking report from the Huffington Posts:  Two people suffocated and several others were reportedly injured after a woman dropped her cell phone into a cesspool in Xinxiang City, Henan province, China.

According to the South China Morning Post, the woman’s husband climbed down into the open-pit toilet to collect the phone, worth about $300. He was reportedly overcome by the stench, lost consciousness and fell in. The man’s mother reportedly jumped in after her son, but she also fainted.

Neighbors were called for help after the owner of the phone tried to save her husband and mother-in-law. She also lost consciousness. Several other people were injured in an attempt to help the victims.

The smell was too strong. I lost consciousness before I could see anything,” a neighbor told Dahe Daily, according to a SCMP translation.

Neighbors found a rope and used it to haul the people out. In total, six people ended up being pulled from the cesspool, which was reportedly filled knee-deep with waste.

The husband and his mother both had pulses when they were rescued, but died after it took medical responders more than an hour to arrive on the scene.

Two lives have gone in five minutes and my cousin’s wife is still in coma, leaving a partially-paralyzed old man and a one-year-old son at home.” the husband’s uncle said, according to Shanghaist. “What are we supposed to do?”