Chris Brown Barred from leaving the Philippines

Photo:CNN/ Getty Images
Photo:CNN/ Getty Images

Chris Brown is currently being barred from leaving the Philippines, because of a contract dispute, the official Philippines News Agency reported Wednesday. He owes money to a promoter over a missed show from last New Years Eve.

According to CNN:

The Bureau of Immigration said Brown and his promoter John Michael Pio Roda were both subject to an immigration lookout bulletin, but they could seek a clearance certificate that could allow them to leave if the Department of Justice consented.

Brown was stopped Wednesday morning while preparing to depart on a private jet from Manila’s international airport on his way to Hong Kong for a concert, the news agency said.The Philippines Department of Justice ordered to stop any of Brown’s, and his promoter John Michael Pio Roda‘s attempts to leave the country.

The Philippine Department of Justice said that an order had been issued Tuesday night to stop any attempts by Brown, 26, to leave the country.

Brown is currently touring across Asia and had to cancel one of his shows scheduled for later this week due to safety concerns.