#DigitalLivesMatter Movie Directed by Terri Vaughn


Actress Terri Vaughn moved from in front the camera, to direct her new project #DigitalLivesMatter. In this day and age, where your followers can lead to big endorsements and financial gain, this movie hits the nail on the head, about the importance of friendship, and treating people like kindly. 

This a comedic film, teams up the hilarious social media kings, DC Young Fly and Emmanuel Hudson, and marks the directorial debut of funny girl, Terri J. Vaughn.


DC Young Fly is on top of the world with his over 3 million followers, and his fame is growing with every one of his posts. However, when this social media influencer crosses the wrong computer geek, all hell breaks loose and DC wakes up to find all of his followers are gone! This catastrophe couldn’t happen on a worse day! DC has a career-changing audition, and he actually needs at least a million followers to even get in the door. DC has one day to find his followers, get them back and make it to his audition.


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