Jamaica’s first M1 Racer Makes History


The announcement today that the first Caribbean native will join M1 Racing for selected events in the 2014 Pro Mazda Championship is ground breaking. The national motto of the island of Jamaica — “Out of many, one people” — speaks of the diversity of the population of that Caribbean nation. Jason Bedasse has created a  new twist to that phrase as his personal motto..

“Out of many, one driver.”

The 2014 Pro Mazda Championship will be presented by Cooper Tires. Bedasse will be the first driver from Jamaica to compete in that Mazda Road to Indy series.


“I want to be the first Jamaican ever to do well in open-wheel racing, and my ultimate goal is Indy if I can make it,” said Bedasse, who was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1975 and is very proud of his heritage. there has never been a Caribbean native in the Indianapolis 500, with his continued success he hopes to change that statistic. The story has very familair to the 1993 film “Cool Runnings,” which was about Jamaica’s first bobsled team trying to make it to the Winter Olympics.

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