About Last Night Out Valentines Day

Kevin Hart

Will Packer Producer of the “About Last Night”, while at an advanced screening in Atlanta, discuss that the original  movie script was not targeted to  an African American cast. This is the biggest spin on the 1986 film, opening on February 14, 2014.

Kevin Hart star of the latest block buster Ride Along, says that the racial switch “Changes Nothing”. The movie sure does not disappoint, no matter your race or creed, the movie’s  universal message of love is conveyed throughout the film.

“We’re still telling a universal story about the ups and downs of dating,” Hart says — though the 21st century version updates romance to include modern staples like sexting, hookup apps and friends with benefits.- Kevin Hart

about last night
Michael Ealy as Danny and Joy Bryant as Debbie (the roles originally played by Rob Lowe and Demi Moore) in the remake of “About Last Night.”

Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant are a dynamic duo on camera, anyone can easily connect with the couple, hard working guy, and a professional woman seeking the same thing. Love! The movie is not only romantic but also very funny. This is a date night, me time, make you want to relax type film. This can be a second blockbuster for Kevin Hart and Producer Will Packer in less than a month!  This is an adult film with some funny, but PG needed throughout, it’s great for the love of your life.

MADD FACTOR: This is a must see film, which is far from the regular mundane Hollywood film.  The tradition casting for this would have been missed  or over looked by an entire generation, which is now diverse, especially with their relationships. It’s a great remake, and just a great fun!