Man Convicted of Attempted Murder of Side Girlfriend


A man in Hartford, Connecticut was not to please with his side girlfriend getting pregnant.  Carlton Bryan took things to the extreme once he discovered that his side girlfriend was pregnant.

According to reports by WFSB in Hartford, Connecticut, Bryan put together a plot to kill the woman who was pregnant with his child.

Bryan, 23, asked the pregnant woman, Shamari Jenkins, to have an abortion after she told him that she was pregnant. However, Jenkins wanted to keep the child and was four months pregnant when Bryan put together a ridiculous plan. Bryan hired his friend Matthew Allen Hall-Davis, 24, to shoot and kill Jenkins.

Jenkins was driving her car with Bryan sitting in the passenger seat when the shooting occurred. Hall-Davis drove beside Jenkins and began firing into the car. Jenkins was shot in the shoulder and the bullet traveled through her body.

Bryan was not hit by a bullet and called 911. Jenkins was rushed to the hospital, but later died. On the next day, Bryan arrived at the scene of the shooting where Jenkins’ family and friends held a vigil for her. He hugged and greeted Jenkins’ family members as if he was in mourning.

But police soon discovered that Bryan was responsible for hiring Hall-Davis to commit the murder. During the trial, Bryan revealed that he wanted Jenkins for sex and wanted to stay with his other girlfriend with whom he has a child.

Bryan was convicted of being an accessory to murder and faces life in prison. Hall-Davis was sentenced to 70 years in prison.

Source: Rolling Out :AR Shaw