McDonald’sWorker Fired After Throwing Water on Homeless Man

#homeless #Detroit DETROIT (WXYZ) – When a McDonald’s worker called out to him, Willie Payne Jr. thought the man was going to give him something to eat.
But the worker was really luring Payne closer to the drive-thru window so he could throw water on him. The franchise owner has now terminated that employee.

“I just walked away. Just made me a little upset and everything. You know, I barely have a little change to buy the things that I need. And (I was) thinking he was going to give me something, but he didn’t,” said Payne in an interview with 7 Action News Tuesday.

Wise Finley owns the McDonald’s at Grand River and Schaefer on Detroit’s west side. And the following is Finley’s latest statement that was released to 7 Action News through a publicist on Tuesday.

I am very disturbed by the inappropriate behavior of this employee. This type of behavior is not tolerated in my organization. I expect my employees to treat everyone with dignity and respect, and this was unacceptable.  This individual no longer works for my organization.