New Music Drake Drops New Dance Video


When your multi-racial, you get certain talents from each parent. As a notable Hip-Hop MC Drake has some great skills. Dancing on the other hand…..


Drake has finally released the video for his summer track “Hotline Bling,” and if you haven’t already been bewildered trying to work out whether Drizzy is a good dancer or not prepare yourself for confusion.

The video opens with what seems to be Drake’s take on a phone sex hotline, with operators offering vague platitudes (“You know I like you” and “Of course I’ve played with feet before”) rather than explicit, R-rated promises. Cut to Drake, dancing all slinky and moody in a variety of pastel-colored and sparsely-decorated spaceship interiors for the rest of the track. And, uh, yeah, that’s pretty much it. It’s extremely Drake.


As Billboard has pointed out, the scenery for the video might have been inspired by visual artist James Turrell, who likes to fill rooms with otherworldly colors like alien sunsets, and whose retrospective at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Drake visited last year. Of course, that’s all a sideshow to watching the man himself alternately bob, shimmy, and shuffle across the screen, taking a break occasionally to grimace passive aggressively at the camera.

Source : James Vincent – The Verge