Pastor Found Guilty of Exposing HIV Virus


As previously reported, Pastor Craig Lamar Davis (pictured above)at the Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta, where he was once a preacher  and a pillar of leadership in the community.

. Former Pastor Craig Davis had unprotected sex with several women knowing that he was infected with HIV. He has been found guilty of having sex with women without disclosing his HIV status

During his trial in Clayton County, Ga., Davis’ lawyers claimed that his HIV diagnosis was inaccurate. They suggested that Davis’ results were wrong because of his crack addiction. However, prosecutors pointed out that Davis continued to take anti-viral medication to treat the virus.

One victim said that she had sex with Davis four times and he never told her of his status. Davis said that he told another woman of his status and she continued to sleep with him. She said they had sex six or more times each week. She tested positive for HIV.

Davis was convicted of HIV-reckless conduct. He could face 20 years in prison

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Source:Rollingut -Amir Shaw