Patti Labelle Celebrates Thanksgiving with James Wright

Wal Mart Patti Labelle Pie

R&B icon Patti LaBelle has made it up to You Tuber James Wright, who set the nation in a frenzy over the Wal-Mart Patti Labelle pie. 

She made good on her promise to fete Youtube star James Wright Chanel at her Philadelphia mansion for Thanksgiving.

James Wright became an overnight sensation when he sang  Patti’s praises while eating 2 of her pies. His video went viral.

Patti angered many of Wright’s supporters when she refused to cut him a check for the free promo that resulted in the pies selling out at Walmart stores everywhere.

What”s also becoming a social media joke, is the fact that Patti’s sweet potato pies are loaded with sugar (25 grams per slice) and calories (nearly 400 calories per slice).

Eat Less! -Easier Said than done.