Pharrell’s Marilyn Monroe Single Cover Backlash


Earlier this year, Pharrell Wiliams caused an uproar after he released his G I R L album cover art, and was first blasted for not featuring a black girl on his cover, and later racism  when it was revealed that there was a black girl featured, but she was of a light complexion. Pharrell has faced backlash since making the “new black” statement during an interview with Oprah on her OWN Network.

Many blacks were upset with Pharrell’s assessment of how racism is perceived within the black community. The statement was made after Oprah questioned Pharrell’s use of white women and a mixed woman on the cover art for his latest album, Girl.

In an attempt to show that women of all shades are beautiful, Pharrell used a brown-skinned black woman for the cover art for his latest single, “Marilyn Monroe.”

His recent release on April 22, promoted several individuals on social media to blast Pharrell for using a black woman for the cover art. Some were upset because Marilyn Monroe was not the best role model and others were upset by the race factor.