Matthew Knowles Alleged 2nd Love Child

TMZ Buzzfeed Madd News

TMZ Buzzfeed Madd News

According to BuzzFeed, Beyoncé’s dad, Mathew Knowles, has allegedly fathered a second child. Former lingerie model and Texas native TaQoya Branscomb has taken legal action to prove that Knowles is the father of her daughter Koi. Branscomb has filed legal records requesting a DNA test, statement of paternity and child support from Knowles.

Branscomb purportedly claims that she got pregnant by Knowles in 2010 which is also the same year that Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles, filed for divorce from Mathew due to his infidelity with the mother of his first love child, Alexsandra Wright. Knowles confirmed that he was indeed that father of Wright’s 4-year-old daughter Nixon however, he has not been paying child support to Wright, forcing both her and her daughter to vacate their home in California and move into a homeless shelter.

TMZ reports: Beyonce’s dad, MATHEW KNOWLES, has been sued by a second woman who claims he fathered her kid … and she’s looking for a payday.

TMZ has confirmed … Taqoya Branscomb filed legal docs in Texas, claiming Mathew got her pregnant in 2010 … the same year Beyonce’s
mom, TINA KNOWLES filed for divorce. Tina filed because she found out Mathew was cheating on her with another woman whom he knocked up.

The 30-year-old Branscomb tells us she was a lingerie model but is now a real estate agent.

…Branscomb is asking for a DNA test, a declaration of paternity and child support.

Although Branscomb is also looking to receive child support payments from Knowles, reporters at BuzzFeed report that she is currently a real estate agent and hopefully will be able to continue to provide for her and Mathew’s suspected daughter. Click the link below to check out photos of TaQoya Branscomb.

Who is this adorable celebrity?

beyonce,madd news, Baby picture

beyonce,madd news, Baby picture

Who is this adorable baby girl?  This celebrity has won multiple Grammy awards, started her career as a member of a famous girl group, and his married to a famous entrepreneur from New York. This picture is very similar to her young daughter…

Now you have the clues…..Guess Who? 





Beyoncé’s adorable baby photo is the cutest Throwback Thursday photo ever! As if we can’t already stop talking about her super sexy Grammy’s performance, the 32-year-old “Drunk In Love” singer took to Instagram to remind us that she’s been commanding the spotlight since… well, birth.

The photo  was captioned TBT , and showed Queen B in her powder pink polka dort dress white shoes and gold stud earrings. Too cute!


Baby Born on Icy Atlanta Interstate (Snow Day Gone Wrong)

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SNOW DAY GONE WRONG   has impacted everyone, even the unborn Atlanta citizens. While  couple inches of snow and ice have brought Atlanta commuters to a halt, one baby girl decided she just couldn’t wait.

 The AJC  reports: Her parents were on the way to the hospital, but couldn’t make it fast enough due to treacherous road conditions, according to the Sandy Springs Police Department.

Instead, the baby’s father and a traffic officer helped the mother deliver the baby — inside a car on I-285.

Mom and baby were fine, and paramedics were dispatched to the area to take the family to the hospital, police said.

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Miami Police may have lied about Justin Bieber Arrest

(Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)
(Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Was the Miami police trying to capitalize off of Justin Bieber’s fame?  Is the Miami police still a shady law enforcement agency? It is not surprising that the Miami Police department is accused of fudging  the police report.  This leaves gigantic hole in the case against Justin Bieber. It seems that  the singer had next to NO alcohol in his system yet cops at the scene said he reeked of alcohol.

TMZ reports: We have now confirmed Justin’s actual blood alcohol level … it was .014 — next to nothing.  Legal intoxication is .08.  Law enforcement sources told TMZ Thursday Bieber had a .04 …  but we’ve now confirmed that is NOT true.  He had a .014 — an enormous difference.

Someone Justin’s size would probably have higher than a .014 with a single beer.  So the question … how could cops say they were overpowered by the smell of alcohol?

According to the police report … the arresting officer was leaning into the car, talking to Justin just after the stop and the cop says, “I immediately smelled an odor of alcohol eminating [sic] from the driver’s breath.”

The police report goes on … Justin was then arrested and taken to a holding facility, where another officer said he smelled “… the odor of an alchol bev on his breath.”

Justin insisted at the scene he was NOT drunk.  Cops say he failed his field sobriety test.

Sources connected to the case tell us … this could well come down to a credibility case, with Justin’s people accusing cops of lying.  Fact is … the Miami Beach PD has had credibility issues in the past.  One law enforcement source confided in us … “That police force has had a zillion problems.”

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Dwayne Wade Fathered a Baby Boy with Another Woman

Although he recently proposed to his longtime love Gabrielle UnionDwayne Wade recently fathered a baby with another woman.  This proposal may have been a make-up for Wades immoral behavior. The news comes from Entertainment Tonight who confirmed with a source that the Miami Heat star recently spent time with his new child; a baby boy from a woman he’s known for “many years.”

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