Chad Johnson Calls MLK a Whore (Video)

Chad Johnson sat down with Peter Bailey for another NiteCap interview. This interview is a shocker.  Chad Johnson actually calls Martin Luther King Jr. a hoe, to justify his cheating ways. He then calls his grandmother for a woman’s prospective on relationships. This full interview is going to be very juicy.

“He has to add some pluses not minuses to your life”- Chad Grandmother

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Remy Martin Celebrates the Good Life in Miami

Peter Bailey (Nitecap)and guests at Miami Remy Party
Peter Bailey (Nitecap)and guests at Miami Remy Party

Miami truly brings the Heat, not only in sports, but for memorable events. Peter Bailey and other celbrities were out last night as Satonya Baker and the Remy Martin V team put on the event of the Season. Aboard the 220ft Seafair Mega Yacht a Litany of Miami’s Elite Embarked on a 2 Hour Journey around the Magic City. The strategic marketing effort, can only be accomplish in Miami, due to its landscape and port of call for many Caribbean cruises, throughout the year.


The drinks were flowing, the dancing was abound and the women were no short of spectacular. Remy V out did themselves with the Three Designer cocktails they rolled out which was headlined by the Remy V.I.P. a smooth mix of Remy topped off with pineapple. The signature branding made the event a stylish and epic experience for all invited guests.


This event is the essence of what it means to be a “Taste Maker”, and sets Miami Urban Culture on a new status, much like Atlanta, New York and LA.


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Santana Moss Shares NiteCap with Peter Bailey

Santana Moss talks RGIII

Santana Moss talks RGIII

Peter Bailey shares a NiteCap with Redskins star wide receiver at his annual Dare 2 Dream weekend where the veteran wide out discussed the pressures facing RGIII, Super Bowl champion.

Santana Moss  recently sat down with journalist Peter Bailey to discuss RGIII and black quarter backs.  Nite Cap with Peter Bailey is described by the show’s site as a “hub for insight into what truly matters in our society by offering soulful and introspective reportage that redefines who we are by humanizing today’s stories and news makers.” Much of the conversation was about the future of black youth athletes, but the host did ask Moss why Robert Griffin III was under so much pressure this past season.

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