What’s the best time to purchase your Patti Labelle Pie?

Sweet Potato Pie, walmart

Patti LaBelle‘s sweet potato pies are a hit across the nation. Customers report finding empty shelves at Walmart stores that carry the pies bearing LaBelle’s name.

So yesterday I had the opportunity to venture into a local WalMart to look for the Patti Labelle Pie.  —> They were all gone.

I spoke with a bakery representative, who stated that the pie where gone by 6:00a.m. That’s right 6:00 a.m. , there’s a long line at one location and no waiting list . #patti labelle  #walmart

The Back Story 

The sweet potato pies sold out everywhere after a positive video review was posted on YouTube.com by a fan.


YouTube star James Wright posted his ecstatic review of the pies while snacking on several of the pies. Wright hits high notes that LaBelle would admire as he sings Patti’s praises.

Wright’s review has racked up over 1 million views on his YouTube channel.

Patti Labelle  personally called James to than him for hi  review. Wal-Mart also called James to offer him a job in future advertisement.

Be careful eating sweet potato pies if you are diabetic or have high cholesterol.

Just ONE SLICE of sweet potato pie has nearly 400 calories and 25 grams of sugar — that’s equivalent to 6 teaspoons of sugar!

Dietitians advise consuming 25 grams of sugar per day. So eating 1 slice of sweet potato pie gives you your entire daily recommended sugar intake!