Woman Arrested for Car Theft, Sues Car Dealership

Kheia Mitchell Car Theft
Ms. Kheia Mitchell


On April 6, 2015, Kheia Mitchell was the driver of a vehicle purchased by her fiancé. Unbeknownst to her or her fiancé, a Ginn Motors’ employee took out a warrant for the theft of their vehicle in an effort to repossess the car. Ms. Mitchell had her two young daughters in the car with her when she was stopped and was ultimately surrounded by several East Point patrol cars.

The East Point police officer in each vehicle took out handguns and trained it on the vehicle Ms. Mitchell was driving. Ms. Mitchell was handcuffed and taken to jail, while her daughters watched.

Fortunately, when one of the officers tried to obtain a warrant for Ms. Mitchell’s arrest, the judge refused to issue the requested warrant because he deduced that Ginn Motors was unlawfully using the criminal law process to effect a civil repossession. Ms. Mitchell was later released from jail.

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