Yep! It’s True! Apollo Nida is Sentenced to 8 years






Deuces! Indeed! Apollo Nida has officially been sentenced to 8 years in federal prison for cashing stolen checks and laundering more than $2.3 million through fraudulent bank accounts.

Nida served time in state prison (2003 to 2009) on a RICO charge, federal racketeering, for altering Vehicle Identification Numbers on stolen cars.

Apollo Nida married reality starlet Phaedra Parks in 2009, and they have two sons, Aiden and Dylan.

TMZ reports:

The judge who sentenced him today in a Georgia court said Nida did indeed cooperate with federal investigators by spilling criminal secrets … and that’s why he got leniency.  

Nida could have been sentenced to 30 years, so 8 years is a big victory. 

He was given a voluntary surrender option and is expected to turn himself in at a later date.

Madd Factor: This is a rare sentence for a repeat offender. I would hate to be his friends and family right about now! -Smh