Costa, the out-of-contract striker from Atlético Mineiro

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Diego Costa, the out-of-contract striker from Atlético Mineiro, has cited his experience at Atletico Madrid on his recent trip that the organization was poor in several dimensions. So coach Diego Simeone can stop daydreaming about making history and winning the Champions League.

Costa joined the ‘ At Atrium ‘ last trip in 2017 , but due to frequent injuries, his playing ufabet time was limited. but still wins the 2018  Europa League

Until the breaking point came to Dec. 2020 , where the striker asked to cancel the contract before 6 months for personal reasons. Which many people think is caused by a feud with Simeone.  

The 33 -year -old recently described the atmosphere working at Rojiblancos two years ago as lagging behind in many ways, including poor training centres , lack of quality academy kids to replace and El Cho ‘s smarts. Shield ‘ not good enough for the CHP CHAMPIONSHIP .

” Atlético Madrid are not a team that is competing for European champions, ” Costa told YouTube channel ‘ Canal Piñado ‘ .

“ The image is deceptive. Because seriously , Att . Mineiro is still better than the whole team structure , the quality given to the players. and nutrition dominates. ” 

“ And while playing with Atletico Madrid , there was no time to win the Champions League ? Tell me no, I won’t lie to you . “

“ The training ground locker room sucks , the academy system is dry. ” 

Costa, who has 83 goals in 216 appearances for Atletico Madrid , is now looking for a new club after leaving At Mineiro earlier this year . with interest from Saudi Arabia , Turkey , United States or Brazil Hometown