Frenkie de Jong slammed the media for inaccurate reports about him

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Frenkie de Jong slammed the media for inaccurate reports about him during a press conference ahead of Wednesday’s game against Napoli.

Barcelona’s Dutch midfielder Frenkie de Jong admits he is also annoyed. After some media reported stories that did not match the facts about him, During the press conference before the game with Napoli on the stage of the Champions League Round of 16, first match this Wednesday, according to a report from ‘UFABET’ on Tuesday.

‘My future? The truth is, I’m a little annoyed by what you guys (journalists) write about in general! There are many stories that are not true. It frustrates me,’ Frenkie said.

Previously, there were reports about Frenkie’s salary leaked to the media. But the 26-year-old midfielder insists those reports are false and that figures have been fabricated to make him look like a villain. 

‘What you said about my salary is far from the truth. The numbers are fabricated and not true. I am very happy at Barca and I hope to continue playing here for many more years.’Frenkie said.

‘Everything the media presented about my salary and future was a lie. It has a lot of sculpting.’

‘I know there’s a lot of stuff that’s been created in the media. You write things that are not true. In general, You are doing this with many other players. Even the trainer You can’t do that. You are creating it. You should stop this.’

‘I consider the club my teammates, the staff, I really enjoy it. Sometimes the media criticizes my level of play. It doesn’t matter because everyone can have their own opinion. But I don’t accept lies. Don’t lie.’

‘I don’t have a salary of 40 million euros per season. That’s not true. This is a far cry from the truth.’

Frenkie still swings at him.  media that recently asked him about extending his contract with Barcelona said: ‘Lies, you write too much, right? You write things that are lies! Why do you do that? Why are you making things up?’ ยูฟ่าเบท

After releasing a big rant to the media, Frenkie returned to the topic of the encounter with Napoli, saying: ‘Napoli have a lot of quality. It’s been 2-3 years since we’ve made it this far. We’re very excited.’

‘We prepare well for every game. It’s a special game. The trainer taught us everything about the competitors. we are doing it And let’s see tomorrow whether it goes well or not. We’re very excited.’

When asked which Napoli players the Azulgrana team must keep a close eye on. The Dutch midfielder replied: ‘Kvaratskelia. A player to keep an eye on tomorrow, Napoli are a very good team. They won Serie A last year.’