Alexandre Pato compares former boss Carlo Ancelotti to James Bond

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Alexandre Pato compares former boss Carlo Ancelotti to James Bond, a world-famous movie character.

         The 63-year-old has been pictured all over the world as he holds a cigar as he celebrates his Spanish La Liga title with Real Madrid, which has gone viral around the world. Followed by winning the UEFA Champions League trophy to dominate in a big way. Became the first coach to win this tournament up to 4 times ufabet.

         The former AC Milan striker, who worked together to talk about the former boss as a father. along with praising the style that is the same as James Bond

         “Ancelotti is like my father. He even named his dog Pato,” Pato told The Players’ Tribune. 

         “You saw him on the bus in Madrid. With wearing dark glasses and cigars? In Milan, he will come to the training ground by helicopter. He lives in Parma and his wife knows how to use this plane.”

         “He stepped down like James Bond if anyone would live in this style. That person must be Carlo.

Pato is now playing in America for Orlando City, and has recently detailed his hectic journey with The Players Tribune, where he admits that he is finally happy again. But when going through his career so far, he couldn’t help but mention that Ancelotti used to arrive to training like he was Bond from the films.